Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world.  It is known by many names - marijuana, weed, grass, pot, mary jane, wacky tabacky, ganga, bud, herb, reefer or gear to name a few.  Marijuana is a depressant drug which means it slows downs messages travelling between your brain and your body.  It is also known as a gateway drug which means that by using marijuana it can sometimes be the gateway to other drug use.

Marijuana is usually smoked in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints or in pipes or bongs.  There is a common belief in society that Marijuana is not addictive and is quite a safe drug to use.  Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is addictive and can affect both the mental and physical health of the user.  In some research, it was found that animals even suffered structural damage to the brain after been given marijuana.

Maybe you were a person who thought of this as a safe drug, something you couldn't get addicted to but you now find yourself in a vicious cycle of needed it every day.  Are you sick of this cycle and want to break it?

Make a change today and book a session that will change your life.  My sessions help you to easily address why you are using marijuana and help you remove it from your life.

To see how I have helped others with marijuana addiction, visit our testimonials page.

Break that cycle, get back in control and book a session today!

How We Can Help

Through using tapping techniques such as EFT, Faster EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting we have made transformational changes in hundreds of clients within a matter of hours.

Unlike traditional therapies Faster EFT can help shift addictions, physical pain, depression, anxiety, fears and phobias in hours rather than weeks or months.

To make a change in your life, contact us today to book a session.

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