How To Tap Into Corporates

Would you like to learn how to become a Corporate Health & Wellness Consultant

using EFT, FasterEFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnosis or any other Holistic Modality?

Would you like to increase your hourly rate to be over $300AUD per hour?

Would you like to charge a day rate that is equivalent to some people's monthly salary?
New Training Dates Announced For Europe for 2017!

Corporate Health & Wellness Training

If you answered YES to all these questions but don't know how to get started, who to approach, what to say and what to offer, then look no further.

The How To Tap Into Corporates Practitioner Training is designed to be a step by step guide on how to create a new career for you in Corporate Health & Wellness programs using EFT, FasterEFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnosis or any other Holistic Modality.  Since becoming a Holistic practitioner myself, I noticed how a lot of practitioners struggle with the business side of things and I wanted to help them create a hugely successful holistic business in an easy step by step way.

This is the second year that we are travelling the world to bring you this ground breaking training that is empowering Holistic practitioners with the skills to chance the way they do business, enabling them to choose how much they want to work.  This training is not just for people who want to work with Corporate clients, its about teaching people how to market their business effectively.  You may decide to use the material to approach small local businesses or you may want to run one day workshops in your hometown but don't know where to start.  This workshop teaches you the how to and provides you with all the materials you need to succeed.

We have decided to hold our first training for 2017 in beautiful Ireland, in Dublin in February 2017.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to change the way you run your holistic business.  To help you secure your seat we are offering an early bird rate up until the Friday 20th January 2017 as well as a payment plan.  Training is being held in Dublin in Ireland on Saturday 11th - Monday 13th February 2017.  We only have a limited number of seats for this intimate training, so apply now below before its too late!

>Find out how to secure your place at this Training!

If you can't make the Dublin training, we hope to release dates for U.S., Australia and Canadian trainings for later in the year. For details of dates, see below for more information.

So why train with Your Inner Power?

My name is Jackie Durnin and I am Director & Trainer at Your Inner Power.  I have trained in EFT, FasterEFT and Matrix Reimprinting as well as being a qualified Counsellor.

Prior to working in this field I used to head up the Digital department of some of the leading media agencies in Sydney.  These roles provided me with great experience in marketing as well as exposure to large blue chip clients.  I also got to experience lots of different corporate training and understand what corporates are looking for.

In my last role I was selected to complete a Train the Trainer course and create and present a course to colleagues in a different department.  This taught me how to deliver a high quality course that is engaging and incredibly useful to the attendees.

This is what I have done with the How To Tap Into Corporates Workshop, providing huge value for money with engaging, extremely useful content.

Just over 4.5 years ago I decided to change career and give my holistic career a go.  I created my Holistic CV and got a job working 3 days per week at a Health Retreat doing 2 hour tapping sessions with clients.  I also did work from home and via Skype.

About 6 months later, I began to miss elements of my old corporate life so I decided to combine both my old career and my new one and decided to offer corporate workshops and sessions.

This revolutionized my business.  I went from earning what I could in one month as a Holistic practitioner to earning it in a day with my corporate clients.  These clients are people I have worked with previously but the majority of them are people I have never worked with before.

Here's what one employee had to say about my corporate workshop and her one-on-one session:

Is this training for you?next_level1

This training is designed to show you exactly what I did to secure my meetings, make the sale and what I presented to clients in a workshop setting.

The course will be limited in numbers and is designed as a intimate training experience. This way we ensure that everyone's questions get answered and everyone gets an opportunity to be comfortable with all the tools, processes and documents supplied.

So the question is...

Do you want to take your business to the next level?  Are you ready to jump out of the small pond of one-on-ones  and into the big corporate pond of opportunity?

What is the course outline?:

The course will cover the following topics:businessinabox

  • Sourcing corporate leads and lead generation tools
  • Why target corporates and What are corporates looking for?
  • Operations and Systems for a Corporate Health & Wellness Consultant
  • Marketing & Branding for your Corporate Health & Wellness Business
  • Dealing with Rejection
  • Money and what you're worth
  • You will also receive all my personal material I use to create proposals and the presentations I use to run my workshops so you have a complete business in a box - this alone is worth thousands of dollars!

My personal material:

white-label-materials-smlThere is no stone left unturned for you. I have spent hundreds of hours creating my workshop that I present to corporate clients and I charge $4,000 per day for and I'm giving it all to you.

When you attend the How To Tap Into Corporates Workshop everything is available to you in the members area to download in editable formats so you can brand these as your own material.

This is a lot of material, but we go through everything in the workshop so you know exactly what to use and when 🙂

Prospecting Materials:

The first thing that you need are all the right materials to get started prospecting your clients.
These are all covered for you with multiple sample emails and proposals for you to use.

  • Sample database
    When starting out you can use this sample database to keep track of prospects and clients.
  • Templated Email – No Corporate Experience
    This is the templated email to use when you are starting out and do not have any corporate experience.
  • Templated Email – Corporate Experience
    This is the templated email to use once you have some corporate experience and can use testimonials and feedback from your corporate clients.
  • Basic Introductory Proposal Without Pricing
    Proposal template without pricing. To be used for initial meetings.
  • Basic Introductory Proposal With Pricing
    Proposal template with pricing. To be used after initial meetings.
  • How To Edit The Proposal
    Steps on how to edit the proposal templates to include your branding.
  • Research Links
    Research links to documented articles about the use of EFT with stress, anxiety and other disorders. You can supply these if asked for research information by HR management.

Workshop Materials:

Once you get your first client on board you then get my entire workshop that I charge $4,000 per day to present. Everything can be customised easily with your own branding so you can present this material entirely as your own.

  • Pre Course Questionnaire
    This is the questionnaire to send to the attendees of the workshop.
  • Course Format
    Outline of the course detailing what the content is what page of the attendee book it is on and where on the power point slides you need to be.
  • Attendees Workbook
    96 page workbook to provide to each of the attendees for the one day workshop.
  • Workshop Power Point Presentation
    78 page power point presentation to display to the attendees for the day.
  • Feed Forward Form
    This the form that you supply to attendees at the end of the workshop to get feedback from them.

Workshop Material :

The corporate workshop presentation includes multiple modalities of learning which include video, interactive activities and more. All of these are available for you to download as well.

Sales Training Videos:

Additional sales training videos are accessible in the members area where Jackie interviews an internationally successful salesperson who has sold millions of dollars of corporate training workshops and was number 1 sales person in her company for multiple years.

In these three videos she breaks down her strategies to successfully sell into corporates.

Additional Tools & Services:

The members area also contains links to several of the best tools you can use to make sure that you are organised and professional in you methods for managing your business and corporate clients.

So what is the cost for a course like this?

value-for-moneyThis course is a 3 day event which will enable you to start working immediately as a Corporate Health & Wellness Consultant with your tapping modality. It will also enable you to start charging a day rate of at least $2000 per day. You will be receiving everything you need to start doing your own corporate consulting the very next day.  The cost of the course is $3,500 AUD (Australian Dollars) but we have an early bird rate for all the workshops for $3,000, which is a $500 saving.  This includes the training and all the materials you will receive to start consulting to corporates.  By investing in this course, you can revolutionize your business and earn more money for less work.  Following the course , you could recover the workshop costs back in one days consulting to a corporate!

If you feel $3,000 is too much for you as a lump sum, we are also offering two payment plan options so you can secure your seat now by applying below and pay the course off over a period of 4 instalments either weekly or monthly.
Read more about how to secure your place at any of the trainings at the early bird rate or by opting for a payment plan!

100% Risk Free Guarantee

We have had amazing feedback from every single attendee so far so let me take all the risk away for you.  If you attend the How To Tap Into Corporates and are not 100% happy with the workshop at the end of the first day then you can have a complete refund so you have nothing to lose.

Faster EFT Master Practitioner Deirdre Maguire Had This To Say:

Deirdre Maguire is a Faster EFT Master Practitioner, the highest level of Faster EFT and one of only three practitioners trained at this level in the world.

She just completed the How To Tap Into Corporates Workshop in Belfast with me and was blown away by the level of training she received and the materials that I supply to the attendees that allow her to walk away with the skills to train corporate clients and also all my personal training material that she can now take and use as her own.

Here's What Past Attendees Had To Say:

These are just a small selection of attendees from our previous workshops in Australia and Ireland. Click on the video to hear exactly what they had to say.

"Opened up a whole new world for me.  All the material I need to go to corporates is there.
If you would like to take your business to the next level this is a no brainer

Joachim Eriksson

"I want to take my business to the next level and Jackie and has given me the tools to do that.
I would highly recomend this course to any one in the Tapping business,

Kim Jewell

"Phenomenal course. I got everything I was looking for"

Dr Linda Wilson

"Thoroughly enjoyed every day.  The materials presented are very professional.
Great value for money

Cath Fisher

"Surparrsed all expections. With all the material I received I would have paid double what I paid to be here"

Janie Acutt

"I learned some amazing new ways of contacting people instead of cold calling.
Amazing training, highly recommend it.

Greg Dwyer

How do I secure my place on this course?
Remember, numbers are limited on this course.  This is an intimate training so be sure to apply for your seat now below or you could miss out on this training.

100% Risk Free Guarantee

Secure your spot at this training today absolutely risk free. I am so confident that if you are not 100% happy by the first day then you can have a 100% refund.  You have nothing to lose so secure your seat today!

How To Tap Into Corporates Application Form

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I look forward to working with and showing you how I have transformed my tapping practice and have lined up numerous corporate clients for meetings, sessions and ongoing training.







Jackie Durnin
Director & Trainer
Your Inner Power

Training Dates & Locations for 2017:

Don't miss out on these upcoming trainings in Europe, Canada, America & Australia.

Dublin Ireland - February 11th - February 13th (Saturday to Monday)
Venue: Metro Hotel Dublin Airport, Santry Cross, Ballymum Road, Dublin 9.
Registration: February 11th at 8:30am; Course Times:  9am - 5pm
Early Bird Ends:  January 20th.
There will be two 15 minute breaks, one mid morning and one mid afternoon each day and a one-hour lunch break.

Los Angeles generalLos Angeles - TBC
Venue: TBC
Registration:  Course Times:  9am - 5pm
Early Bird Ends:
There will be two 15 minute breaks, one mid morning and one mid afternoon each day and a one-hour lunch break.

Toronto Canada - TBC
Venue: TBC
Registration:  Course Times:  9am - 5pm
Early Bird Ends:
There will be two 15 minute breaks, one mid morning and one mid afternoon each day and a one-hour lunch break.

Brisbane mapBrisbane Australia - TBC
Venue: TBC
RegistrationCourse Times:  9am - 5pm
Early Bird Ends:
There will be two 15 minute breaks, one mid morning and one mid afternoon each day and a one-hour lunch break.

Don't miss out on this opportunity.  Book your seat today and secure your place on this life changing course!

Remember, numbers are limited on this course.  This is an intimate training so be sure to apply for your seat now below or you could miss out on the opportunity to learn How to Tap into Corporates with your Tapping Business.

How We Can Help

Through using tapping techniques such as EFT, Faster EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting we have made transformational changes in hundreds of clients within a matter of hours.

Unlike traditional therapies Faster EFT can help shift addictions, physical pain, depression, anxiety, fears and phobias in hours rather than weeks or months.

To make a change in your life, contact us today to book a session.

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